use your smartphone camera without disturbing the crowd

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a camera made for concert goers.

dimmed screen brightness.

no flash.

tap once to take a picture.

tap and hold to record.

dedicated library.

bookmark your favorite pictures and videos.

share your pictures on Instagram.more coming soon


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About us

Kimd is made by a team of 4 passionate people working from Paris and Montréal.

We think that if digital and smart devices are creating new problems, they should be able to solve them too.
This is why we made Kimd.

Julie Chabin, Tanguy Aladenise, Sylvain Paley, Robin Delanoy.


We would like to thank Valentin Petit for the realisation of the video.
Marlène, Thomas and Stephen for their acting.
Marmoset for providing the music.

Maxime Sarri for developping the website.
Romain for his help with After Effects.

The talented Nairone for our signature.
Thanks to our moms and dads.

be kimd or the batman will come and get you

Android users

We’d love to make an app for Android. Just let us know if you’re interested.

We won’t sell your info but we may send you stupid e-mails sometimes. With gifs.